Tyrone Maullin

Tyrone Maullin is an Authorised Financial Adviser, who has been in the insurance industry since 1994; being the son of an insurance adviser it has been a lot longer than that.

Tyrone focuses on the risk side of the business, and this includes both personal and commercial insurance – and we are in the business of paying claims. We assist our clients to establish what their needs are based on their concerns raised. And then put in place the most appropriate plan and products to limit the impact of these concerns. We review these plans regularly, and most importantly are there when the eventuality occurs to make sure we follow through when most needed.


Contact Details

Tyrone Maullin

Waikato:  07 888 8680

Auckland: 09 950 3551

Mobile: 027 494 7506

Email: tyrone [at] keystoneadvice [dot] co [dot] nz