Deadliest Occupation in NZ is....


According to The Independent, Farming classified as 'most deadly occupation' in New Zealand

Quad bike and tractor accidents have become the most common causes of death on farms in New Zealand where farming is classified as "the most deadly" occupation, claiming, on average, a life every three weeks throughout the year.

In addition the statistics show that a farmer or an agricultural worker is injured every half an hour.

Andrew Hunt - Investment Commentary March 2015

World leading International Economist, writes a monthly newsletter on the state of the world from an economic, and therefore investment, perspective.

We are fans because Andrew:

  • Has an opinion
  • Does not regurgitate the same view as the bulk of the media
  • Supports his view with research and evidence that many others don't seem to undertake

Beware! Andrew's views are not for the feint hearted.

AMP KiwiSaver Scheme - Platinum rating from SuperRatings

AMP KiwiSaver Scheme receives Platinum rating from SuperRatings for 2015

Leading life insurer and retirement savings provider, AMP Financial Services, has further cemented its position as one of New Zealand’s leading KiwiSaver schemes with the announcement that it has been awarded a Platinum rating for 2015 from SuperRatings.

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Investment Commentary 31 December 2014

Encouraging economic data released during December was not enough to offset investors’ collective worry about valuations, with equity markets broadly down at the end of December. Plummeting oil prices has created yet another element of uncertainty for investors. Global bond yields continued their march lower as major central banks continue to show no signs of hiking interest rates anytime soon. Indeed, market participants are now looking to the ECB to perhaps announce full-scale QE at its January meeting, as well as hoping Japan can somehow fire its way out of the path of deflation.

Investment Property: Yield or Capital Gain?

Our partners over at Westpac have put together a handy little interactive tool they are calling the "Westpac Property Investor Report", but we think that doesn't do it justice.

Sure it's a report, but it has a cool little interactive tool that you can play with and see how much rent you should be charging and how much your property's value is increasing by each year.

This will be useful if you have an investment property and really useful if you are looking at buying one.