Credit Boom Ping Pong - From 1985 to 2015

The latest commentary from World leading International Economist, covers:

  • Credit Boom Ping Pong - "rather than embarking on credit boom "ping pong" with the EM, the Western world should have invested in raising productivity"
  • USA International Capital Movements - "As a result of successive waves of capital flows and the credit booms that they encouraged (and indeed facilitated), we find that the Emerging Market world is now even more indebted than was the developed world in the mid-2000s ahead of the GFC"

Is A Global Recession Approaching?

The article we really didn't want to post...

As you know, we like to follow Economists that aren't afraid to stand out from the masses and present their own, extremely well researched, opinions.

Now World leading International Economist Andrew Hunt epitomises the above and writes a monthly newsletter on the state of the world from an economic, and therefore investment, perspective.

We know he has a bearish view of the world and we follow him with interest (both in workshops and in print) with this in mind.

How to manage your KiwiSaver after Age 65

Turning a lump sum into a smooth income

The FMA released a survey of New Zealanders approaching retirement has found one in four people are unsure of how to manage the money in their KiwiSaver funds when they reach 65.

The Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) chose Money Week to release the second wave of research into how well older New Zealanders are preparing for retirement.