Sort out my insurances

How does it work?

Here at Keystone Advice Group, we like to make things easier for you. Here are just some of the components of the insurance process we help you with:

  • Helping you establish what types of cover are most important to you – life, TPD, trauma, income protection;

  • Helping you establish what levels of cover to put in place;

  • Assisting you to work out what you can reduce if your budget does not allow for the optimum levels of cover;

  • Help you select an appropriate insurer – not only choosing the most cost effective options but also the right inclusions for your situation;

  • Assist you with the ownership of your policies so that they proceeds of a claim reach the intended recipient as quickly and seemlessly as possible;

  • Should you select level or stepped premiums, agreed value or indemnity, Any or Own-occupation;

  • Giving you someone to call on them when something goes wrong. We will know if you should make a claim, and will assist with liaising with the insurer.

  • Some of these things can be researched and learned online if you had the time, but the risk of getting it wrong is far too great. How can you make an informed choice when you may not be aware of all the options? 


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