What is the process

Our process for devloping a personalised Comprehensive Financial Plan for you is:

1. First Meeting

This is at our cost and usually takes around 90 minutes. This is where you get to brain-dump everything. We get you tell us about you, what is important to you, what are your values, beliefs, attitudes towards money. What plans, dreams, ideas to you have floating around.

2. Analysis

This is where we trawl through your current documents (mortgages, debts, investments, savings, insurances) to work out what you have. We crunch a bunch of numbers and run a few scenarios to see what is possible and what is plausible.

3. Document

We put all that analysis together with our recommendatiokns (our advice) into a single document - a Comprehensive Financial Plan (also known as a Statement of Advice) - in plain english.

4. Transfer the Knowledge Meeting

We get you back in and we walk you through our advice, page by page, line by line of the Comprehensive Financial Plan to make sure you completely understand it and so that you can ask as many questions as you need to.

5. Implementation

We assist you with implementing our advice and tidying everything up.

6. Review

We want to continue to help you stay on track. As you require, as your circumstance change, or as we think there is something you should know, we catch up by phone, email or in person and tweak the plan to keep you on track.