I'm ready to renovate, what are my next steps?

Planning a do up? From installing a heat pump to knocking down & starting again we can help get the money in place to help you get going.

Topping up your current home loan can be a very effective way to cover the costs of a renovation. 

Whilst you are at it, let us leverage the opportunity of your top to ensure that yoour current loan is structured in the best possible way to meet your needs and to see if we can do a little negotiating on your behald..  Not only first time buyers qualify for some serious rate discounting.

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Interest Rates

Keep up to date with what the banks' current interest rates and talk to us about how we can negotiate with the banks to secure better than advertised rates and cash contributions 


Critical - Before you start renovating

Notify your insurance company or you may not be covered. If your house and contents insurance is through Keystone Advice Group, let us know here and we'll take all the stress out for you. Want to switch to Keystone Advice Group for all your home insurance needs, drop us a line or call Tyrone