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Life Insurance

  • Your life is full of important things. Some you can put a price on, some you can’t. But it’s remarkably simple for you to protect them and to make sure that you, and the people closest to you, have the lives you want. With the appropriate level of Life Cover, if something happens to you we’ll help you make sure that those most important to you will be free, financially at least, to continue on with their lives.


  • What Life Cover can be used for?

    • Paying off your mortgage. Many people need to reduce their debt as quickly as they can if they go from two incomes to one.

    • Providing future financial support for your children. For example, our clients have used a portion of their life insurance payment, after becoming termilnally ill, to pay for their children’s tertiary education.

    • Providing extra income for your family after you’ve gone, or contributing to your spouse’s retirement fund. Many people would need financial support if an income earner passed away.

    • Paying for childcare support if you had passed away and where the primary caregiver. Many people find that, as the remaining parent, they need extra support. If they continue working, they may also need more childcare support.


Total Permanent Disablement (TPD)

  • No matter how fit and healthy you are now, an accident or unforeseen illness could leave you incapacitated. How would you and your family cope if you were unable to earn an income? How would you pay the mortgage, school fees and utilities?

    • Unfortunately the unexpected can happen to any one of us, any time. That’s why it’s so important to have a plan in place to help give you and your family peace of mind.

    • With Total & Permanent Disablement Protection, you can receive a lump sum payment when you need it most, to spend any way you choose. If you become permanently disabled by an accident or illness and are unable to work again, Disablement Protection can provide financial stability by helping you meet ongoing day-to-day living expenses, and helping you make appropriate changes in your life or business


  • What do most people use TPD insurance for?

    • Reducing your debt, such as paying off the mortgage.

    • Should you be permanently unable to work you may find your income decreases even when you are receiving a disability benefit such as income protection. Reducing credit card and mortgage debt frees up your finances.

    • Supplementing your income and future income.

    • You will likely need more income than a disability benefit if you are going to be on that benefit permanently. Making lifestyle changes because of the serious injury or illness.

    • Paying for your spouse or another family member to take time off work. Many people need extra help and support when you are dealing with the financial effects of a serious illness or injury.

    • Paying for additional costs such as childcare, wheelchair ramps and travelling to medical appointments. These are common costs associated with serious illness and injury.


Income Replacement Insurance

  • Helping to protect your most valuable asset – your income

  • Whilst earning an income, you rarely take a moment to think about how your life would be if your income was to suddenly stop. But what would happen if you were suddenly faced with no income? How long would your savings support you and your family?

  • Being prepared makes perfect sense - When it comes to protecting your income, careful planning is all important, as many people would most likely struggle to survive on just their savings for an extended period. Being prepared for whatever the future may hold, makes perfect sense.


  • What is Income Replacement Cover?

    • Income Replacement Cover pays you a regular monthly payment if you’re unable to work temporarily or permanently because you are sick or injured. And is designed to provide you with money to live on while you’re not receiving your salary or wages.

    • These payments will continue until you can return to work, or reach the payment period on your policy. This can be up to the age of 70.


  • What do most people use Income Replacement Cover for?

    • People can use this when you have to take more than two weeks unpaid leave from work because of illness or injury. A combination of sick leave and annual leave will help most employed people cope without working for up to four to six weeks, but what will happen if the disability continues beyond six weeks?

    • What if the condition renders you unable to work for months or even years? Income Replacement Cover will continue to pay you a benefit for as long as you remain unable to work, up to the benefit payment term that you select


Trauma Insurance

  • Trauma insurance can help provide financial stability when you need it most. If you were to suffer a serious illness or injury, you can receive a lump sum cash payment to use any way you like. This can help give you peace of mind that you can pay for your medical care, your mortgage, your household bills and any extra care you

  • might need. You don’t need to provide receipts or report back, all you have to do is concentrate on your recovery, and getting back to good health


  • What do most people use Trauma Insurance for?

    • Taking time off work to rest and recover. Many people recovering from a serious illness want to work reduced hours even if they’re still physically able to work.

    • Paying for your spouse or another family member to take time off work. You may need extra help and support around the house when you have a serious illness.

    • Paying for alternative treatments that aren’t covered by health insurance. For example, many people undergoing chemotherapy choose to do alternative treatments at the same time to help them recover from the effects of the chemotherapy. Trauma Insurance can also help cover medical treatments that health insurance only partly pays for.

    • Reducing debt. Most people with a serious illness find that their income reduces while their expenses increase. Reducing credit card and mortgage debt can free up their finances and let them focus on treatment and recovery.

    • Paying for additional costs such as childcare, wheelchair ramps and travelling to medical appointments. These are common costs associated with serious illness and injury.


Mortgage Protection Insurance

  • Finding the right home and having everything fall into place is exciting. A home is where you’re free to express your style, keep your treasured possessions and create a living space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. It can also mean greater financial commitment. Although things don’t always go according to plan, it’s likely

  • that your responsibility to meet home loan repayments will continue.

    • With Mortgage Protection Insurance you can feel confident that your home loan repayments can continue to be paid in the event of the unexpected.  This means you’ll have peace of mind that you and your family will be able to keep your home…so you can get on with enjoying the ‘here and now’.

    • Mortgage Protection insurance pays you an agreed amount of money each month if you can’t work in your usual job due to illness or injury. It is designed to cover your mortgage or rent payments. You can also choose to cover yourself against redundancy/bankruptcy.


Health Insurance

  • Sometimes it’s good to sit back and take a look at your life. Think about where you’ve been, what you’ve achieved and the things you want to do in the future. Part of this exercise is asking yourself ‘What would happen if I got really sick or needed an operation? Your health is your most important asset. Having a good life depends on your ability to be active and enjoy yourself. But if you or one of your family are diagnosed with a non-acute condition (for example requiring a hip or knee replacement, removal of a skin cancer, grommets or hysterectomy) you could be waiting a long, uncomfortable time for treatment from the public health system.

    • Deciding to get health insurance is one way to stay in control of your life and ensure you have choices. It gives you access to private medical

    • treatment for qualifying conditions, in a shorter timeframe.

      • This can mean:

      • less pain and discomfort

      • less time off work for family members looking after sick children or partners

      • less stress for everyone

      • less loss of income if you’re working. And a quicker return to health so you can get on with enjoying life

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