There are over 30 KiwiSaver providers in NZ. Nine have obtained Government Default Status. We work with the following three:

AMP KiwiSaver Scheme

ANZ One Answer KiwiSaver Scheme

Fisher Funds Two KiwiSaver Scheme


KiwiSaver 101

Want to understand how KiwiSaver works and what it is all about? Take a quick look at this two minute video


AMP KiwiSaver Scheme

The only KiwiSaver Scheme with online enrollment. Apply here.

If you want to choose your own investment allocation and want to understand your risk profile, take this 2 minute questionnaire

If you can't be bothered or simply want a set and forget approach, how about LifeSteps. Check out the explanation video below.

AMP KiwiSaver Investment Statement

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ANZ One Answer KiwiSaver Scheme

Your KiwiSaver savings are invested in one or more of their 13 funds. Their funds invest in various asset classes with the aim of growing the savings in your KiwiSaver account over time.

You can choose between single-asset-class funds, Lifetimes option, or their range of multi-asset-class funds.

Note that ANZ / One Answer state that their single-asset-class funds are designed for you to invest in on the advice of your authorised financial adviser (i.e. Us here at Keystone Advice Group). This investment suite is different to other KiwiSaver schemes that they manage.

All of the funds are actively managed. The aim of active management is to have better investment performance than a particular index or market.

ANZ One Answer Investment Statement


Fisher Funds Two KiwiSaver Scheme

The Fisher Funds Two 15 strong investment team is one of New Zealand's largest and collectively has more than 200 years investing experience in New Zealand and around the world. Their "best of breed" approach ensures that you benefit from experienced, informed decision making by seasoned professionals.

Since their establishment in 1998 they have developed a reputation for open and honest communication. They have found that investors appreciate knowing where their money is invested and why.  Their regular and candid communication ensures that you keep in touch with your Scheme savings and your future.

Fisher Funds Two Investment Statement