Investment management in retirement - preserving wealth

They say the cheque that should bounce is the one to the funeral director. Investing in (as opposed to for) retirement is about ensureing that your money doesn't run out before you do.

You probably have a few different bits and pieces that make up your retirement funds, maybe:

  • KiwiSaver
  • A company Superannuation Scheme
  • Term Deposits
  • A couple of shares
  • Maybe an investment property or a bach
  • Possibly some overseas Super (UK Pension or Aussie Super)
  • The odd bit of consulting or other ad hoc work
  • Plus NZ Super or "the pension"


Our Process

  1. Analyse

The first step is to establish how much you have in investment assets.

The second step is to establish your monthly budget.

The third step is to understand your current income streams and how long they will last

The fourth is to compare the shortfall between steps 2 and 3 and determine whether

  1. Your lump sum will be enough
  2. You need to rework step 2
  3. We may be able to re-organise all your investments to ensure that you do have enough (do more with your resources)

If you have DIY'd this piece, move straight to the next section. If you need help, we can walk you through this process and make it easy for you.


  1. Plan

We work with you to develop a well diversified and well constructed invesment portfolio that you can touch and feel 24x7.

Investment research suggests that 90% of investment returns are derived from the asset allocation, so naturally, this is where the majority of our focus is directed for constructing your portfolio.

We document our advice in a Retirement Investment Plan and take you through every component to ensure you understand exactly what it means and how it works.


  1. Invest

We then invest according to the plan and ensure that your investments are:




Investments that suit your requirements are selected by us from a range of Australasian managed funds, bonds, shares and cash products, all selected based on independent research from our partners at Mercer.


Highest Quality

We choose from funds we believe are capable of strong, consistent performance - chosen via a stringent selection process, based on information from our independent research partner, Mercer (NZ) Limited.



Receive performance reports by or email, or better yet access your portfolio online in real-time 24x7



Get a single consolidated tax report at the end of the Fianancial Yeal with the information needed to complete your tax return quickly and easily.



We will review your portfolio with you so that it always reflects your needs and lifestyle.


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