Farm Insurances

After more than 160 years of working with New Zealand’s farming community, AMP General knows that farmers require insurance that’s dependable, yet flexible enough to meet the challenging demands of farming today.

Our major provider in this section Vero, has a specifically designed insurance program called AgriPlan. This a total insurance package designed to satisfy the unique insurance needs of New Zealand farmers. AgriPlan provides a wide range of cover from domestic through to farm equipment, buildings and livestock. You can tailor Agriplan to suit your individual insurance needs and select only the cover/s you require.

Each section has automatic benefits with the option to select additional benefits that reflect your business needs e.g. there is specified cover available for forestry lots, live hedges and shelter belts. AgriPlan even dedicates a specialised section to your livestock, farm dogs and farm horses. So whether it’s insurance for your home, livestock, farm equipment or farm vehicles – AgriPlan can cover it

Farm Assets

  • AMP’s AgriPlan helps you to protect all your farm assets. Cover is available for your farm assets including farm buildings, machinery, plant and tools, animal feed (excluding growing crops), general stores such as fertilizers, grain and produce, milk, refrigerated goods and wool.

  • Specified cover is available for electric motors, pumps and submersible pumps with a replacement value of up to $7,500. There is no kilowatt limit. Items less than five years old will be replaced if they are uneconomic to repair. We will also cover the hire cost of a replacement while repairs are being carried out.

  • We can provide total replacement cover for your farm assets such as machinery, plant, tools, computers etc irrespective of the age of the item.

  • Fences, gates, artificial windbreaks and sheep or cattle yards that are not part of a building are covered to $5,000 for certain perils.

  • If your dairy company is unable to collect milk because of route blockage or damage to their property, we will pay the amount that you would have been paid plus reasonable costs to dispose of the milk, up to $10,000.

  • Automatic cover of 50% of your loss up to $10,000, if milk is rejected due to accidental contamination


Farm Vehicles

  • Insure your farm and private use vehicles comprehensively. Or, for a reduced premium, you may choose Third Party or Third Party Fire and Theft cover. These two third party options provide cover for damage you negligently cause to someone else’s vehicle or property, as well as cover of up to $3,000 for damage to your own vehicle, where this is caused by another identified person and that party is uninsured.

  • For comprehensively insured vehicles:

    • Windscreen breakage is covered (where this is the only damage) with no excess and no loss of your no claim discount – no additional premium required!

    • We will also replace your vehicle if the cost of repairs is 60% or more of its market value, the vehicle has travelled less than 15,000km and it is less than one year old.

    • There is no need to specify farm bikes with a market value of up to $3000o   farm vehicles/implements (not including cars, utes or trucks) with a market value of up to $3,000, as they are covered  under Minor Fram Vehiciles if selected.

    • We will also cover the cost of repairing agricultural implements or machines if a foreign object becomes ingested or entangled in it.


Farm Liability Packages

  • Public liability insurance covers your legal liability to pay compensation for damage to property or personal injury arising out of your farming operations.

  • You will also be reimbursed for approved legal defense costs. Statutory and Employer’s liability cover is also available.

  • Milk Cover Insurance

    • Milk is the key money earner in a dairy farmers business – let AMP Agriplans milk package cover protect this for you.  Fines and penalties are being claimed on more frequently than ever before . . .

1.       Material Damage

Just like other farm assets such as tools, hay, animal feed and the like, once the herd is milked it is possible for damage or loss to occur to the milk stored in the vat.  Impact of the vat by a vehicle, fire in the cowshed or the failure to have turned off the taps following the last clean can all lead to the loss of the vat contents.    

2.       Deterioration of Milk

If the milk in the vat is not kept at the correct temperature, it can spoil.  When the cause of the temperature fluctuation was due to a sudden, physical external cause such as the cowshed catching fire, it would be a material damage claim.  If the cause is the failure of the refrigeration plant due to mechanical breakdown, then it is milk deterioration.  Cover is provided for deterioration of milk arising from accidental stoppage, damage or malfunction of the refrigeration machinery.  

3.       Milk Contamination

Milk can become contaminated after accidentally milking cows on antibiotics and failing to keep their milk separate from the milk of the rest of the herd.  Incomplete or ineffective 'housekeeping' or management can result in other matter being mixed in with the milk which is also regarded as contamination by dairy companies and affects the amount paid for your milk. The amount paid (but for the contamination) is covered under the Milk Contamination item.

4.       Additional Milk penalties

A dairy farmer supplying to Fonterra can be charged Additional Milk Penalties on their contaminated milk.   You can arrange cover for dairy company penalties – additional to the milk value covered under the Milk Contamination Item.    Additional Milk Penalties is extra cover for which an additional premium is charged.  

5.       Failure to collect milk

If you have cover for Farm Assets we pay what you would have been paid for your milk and reasonable costs for disposal of the milk if it could not be collected due to damage at the dairy company or blockage of a transport route.

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Machinery Breakdown

  • With Vero Agriplan, farm machinery is covered for full replacement value if under five years old. Costs to hire a replacement machine and ordinary freight costs are covered.

Labour overtime costs to expedite repairs and express freight costs are covered up to $2,500


Farm Operation Interruption

  • Vero AgriPlan ensures it is business as usual. If a fire started in the switchboard of your cowshed and quickly spread destroying valuable equipment and part of the building and that damage was covered by your policy – what would happen next?

A. If you have chosen the ‘Additional costs’ option under the Farming operations interruption section, we will pay for your reasonable additional expenditure, up to $20,000 for a maximum of six months, to enable your farming operations to continue as normal.

  • or

B. If you have chosen the ‘Gross Profit’ option, you are covered for your lost gross profit, up to the sum insured, until your business has returned to normal. With the Gross Profit option we’ll also work with you to minimise loss, for example, assisting you to move stock and get them milked elsewhere. A benefit is also available to assist with payment of staff wages when their services can’t be utilised, while your buildings, machinery and plant are replaced

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