Ten tips to be a better investor

 It's that time of year where all the "listicles" (list articles) come out to play. Here's one from the NZ Herald on Ten tips to be a better investor. They are:

  1. Write out your investment philosophy
  2. History teaches us: What has the market done? How long do bull and bear markets usually last? How far can they go? How do they begin and end?
  3. How can you better understand money?
  4. What am I getting wrong?
  5. Become comfortable with basic math and statistics
  6. Read more. How many books did I read last year? Which books should I read?
  7. Understand human psychology
  8. How can I eliminate noise and distractions?
  9. How can I be more productive and efficient?
  10. How am I spending my time? How do I want to spend my time?

See the full article here

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