Health – not wealth – is everything

 An interesting reflection piece from a mid-life review.

How the introspection commenced was: "Just to exacerbate my mortal thoughts this week I received a very formal and cold letter from my insurance company telling me they were taking another $3 off me every month for my life cover premium. 

Normally I'd take a cursory glance and hopefully file it somewhere sensible. But this time I lingered on the form, sat down and read every word. 

If I died tomorrow my wife and kids would get $1.2 million. I'm definitely worth more dead than alive. Please don't tell my wife this. 

But here's the bit that got me: I'm also insured for $212,000 if I suddenly get a serious illness. It means I can spend up large while I'm dying and maybe tick off some items on a bucket list I've never had to think about."

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