Is A Global Recession Approaching?

The article we really didn't want to post...

As you know, we like to follow Economists that aren't afraid to stand out from the masses and present their own, extremely well researched, opinions.

Now World leading International Economist Andrew Hunt epitomises the above and writes a monthly newsletter on the state of the world from an economic, and therefore investment, perspective.

We know he has a bearish view of the world and we follow him with interest (both in workshops and in print) with this in mind.

This month, he has tested our strength - we like to keep you informed and we also like to ensure that we don't scare the crap out of you! This month, keeping you will informed won the batte. So here you go...

Andrew Hunt 01/09/2015: "Despite this evidence of a new global malaise, there are still those that continue to expect the US economy to “ride to the rescue” over the next few months, particularly following what, at first sight at least, appeared to be not only firmer employment data but also an apparently reasonable retail sales report earlier this month. Since those data points, it has been be relatively easy for many to talk about the US’s “second half economy” gathering pace once again."

"If we observe the retail sales data in levels terms, though, we can see that the data has downshifted quite significantly over recent months and that, relative to its post-GFC trend, the data is now almost as weak as it has been at any time since the crisis."

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