Andrew Hunt - Investment Commentary April 2015

World leading International Economist, writes a monthly newsletter on the state of the world from an economic, and therefore investment, perspective.

In the April commentary:

"The exportation of dollars and the subsequent inflows into the EM are measured not in the billions but in the trillions and they have occurred at a time in which global nominal GDP growth has definitely been occurring in billions rather than trillions."

" does seem that central banks are becoming a lot less predictable and we note ourselves that many international investors seem to be losing faith in their abilities and perceived omnipotence. This implied increase in uncertainty would also suggest that the markets would want to start unwinding some of their more extreme positions – although this might also explain why so many people are clinging onto the “hope” of a connected ECB and its apparent time-specific commitment to maintaining its own version of QE, even if we suspect that from a practical perspective the ECB will not be able to sustain its current policy stance for anything like as long as it is suggesting."

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We are fans because Andrew:

  • Has an opinion
  • Does not regurgitate the same view as the bulk of the media
  • Supports his view with research and evidence that many others don't seem to undertake

Beware! Andrew's views are not for the feint hearted.


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